It is my passion and aim to work with you to get the best possible wedding images that you can look back on for the rest of your life and cherish. It is a photographers job to direct you and make you look your best in posed shots however there are things you can also do to get the most out of your wedding photos.

Please help me get the best images possible from your day by reading the following, by booking me as your photographer you are agreeing to this contract.

 Am I the Right Wedding Photographer for you?

I would advise you research photographers before you make a decision. Look at styles and decide what you like. All wedding photographers have a different way of working and editing styles. Although I am fairly adaptable and willing to work with you, take a look at my images and decide if its the style you like. I tend to zoom in to get natural and intimate shots  with of course some posed shots however if you are looking for your day to be taken up with hours of photographs just of the Bride and Groom (there is nothing wrong with that if that is what you like) however it may mean I am not the photographer for you. I describe my style as Documentary with a  creative twist, documentary just means photographing what is there as it happens, this means I do not spend vasts amounts of time reacting scenes or constructing contrived photographs again there is nothing wrong with this but  if you want that it may mean I am not the wedding photographer for you.I will end up with 500 (if booked a full day) photos of not just you as a couple but natural moments your guests share throughout the day and all the details of your day, It will be a visual documentation of your day. This is the way I work. If you want something specific you need to tell me in advance.  See my packages to get an idea of a typical wedding I cover. If you have any questions at all please do not hesitate to contact me. Give yourself enough time to browse through photographers work to decide what you like and if you like them book them as soon as you can, summer and weekend dates especially can book up a year or 2 in advance. some valuable reading on wedding photography can be found HERE .


This normally happens at the time of booking. The bride and groom will outline broadly what
is required, date and type of coverage.  I then meet up with the bride and Groom if they have time at the latest 2 weeks before the wedding to get final timings, or sometimes we do this at a pre wedding shoot if you have booked one. ALL remaining Balances must be paid two weeks before the wedding date. No attendance by myself will be made without full payment before the wedding date. If a meeting can not take place before the wedding I will require a list of group shots and rough timings of ceremony speeches/first dance etc. If nothing more is given about your day then I trust you are leaving me to have free reign to capture your day to my working style.


The bride and groom and the Photographer consent to happily cooperate and communicate with each other to
achieve the best possible result within the understanding of this contract, by booking me as a photographer you are agreeing to this contract If you have any concerns then these must be put forward before you book me. The bride and groom also agree to give me
sufficient warning of key events at the wedding help me capture the moment. Confetti shots make such iconic beautiful images and I will arrange this usually when group shots are taken again help with getting everyone into place is appreciated, please note these ar enot always possible with restrictions of the venue, you must tell me what you have agreed with them. Please understand that I will want to get the images of the couple during the best light provided in the day we may be limited to daylight in winter especially if the ceremony is late on, please understand if you want decent images as a couple outside then we must get these in before the sun goes down.
Please note that not all guests at wedding like having their photo taken. In such cases I  will
use my discretion but cannot be held responsible for a lack of photos of these people. There are usually natural shots of most people at your wedding. I do not photograph groups of people grinning looking at the camera (apart form group shots) unless specifically asked. This is not my natural style of photography.


My shooting schedule, style of working and experience are designed to achieve a great set of wedding photos for
the bride and groom. Both the bride and groom and  I
therefore agree that punctuality and cheerful cooperation are essential to producing outstanding photographic results. In cases where
the wedding does not run on time (for example, extreme lateness by the bride arriving to the church) we cannot guarantee to take our
normal set of photos although in such circumstances I  will do my absolute best to compensate. I do not bother you much during your day but if I ask to borrow the bride/groom please understand I am doing it at a moment were there is probably a great sunset or fantastic light at that moment.


All your guests will have digital cameras/phones and all your guests will want to photograph the bride
and groom which totally understandable and perfectly fine however remember your professional wedding photographs will turn out even better if the bride and groom agree to give me precedence over your guests in
order to take the photographs required for the wedding services described above. I cannot be held liable for a lack of wedding
photos if guests taking their own photos of the bride and groom have continually interrupted my work.


If you  want FORMAL GROUP SHOTS they look better when everyone is looking into the same lens. Unfortunately at some weddings family and guest have taken to standing at the side of me with their phones and camera during group shots this means that people in the group shot don’t know where to look and the result is people looking in all different directions. It would be appreciated if you ask guest not to do this for these few shots. There is plenty of time throughout the day for your guests to get their own group shots Please understand as a photographer you have to be vocal to get everyone in order to get group shots done however you don’t want to come across as bossy so getting a family member/friend to help is  ESSENTIAL as people usually respond better to a familiar face. Personally like many brodes/grooms I didn’t think twice and did this myself on my wedding day as who knows your bridal party better than you.  I ask I be
provided with a helper  if you don not feel comfortable gathering your guests(usually the best man ) who will point out key individuals to be photographed. Remember your photographer knows no one without help it wastes a lot of time trying to locate Individuals. Sometimes certain group shots may have people missing. If you want certain people around for group shots make sure your guests are aware of this! I hold no responsibility if family members have gone to the toilet or to their rooms for whatever reason or in some circumstances don’t seem to want to cooperate.   Group shots can be really quick is everyone cooperates or they can take up a vast amount of time if people don’t. It is entirely up to you how many you have.


“we are having an unplugged wedding” This is music to a wedding photographers ears. I can not tell you how many shots are ruined by people not being involved in the moment at weddings. Not throwing confetti, not watching the first dance, not watching the ceremony because they are looking through theirs phones. Having an ‘unplugged wedding’ is entirely up to the couple, some couples may not mind this.


Please DO NOT ask a semi professional photographer or enthusiast/hobby photographer that is a  family or guest to shadow me while I am working especially when I take the bride and groom off for photos on their own. I swap and change lenses all the time which requires me to move back and forth, when someones is stood right behind or at the side of me they are often in the way which means these shots take twice as long this is also the case when someone follows us who thinks they are ‘helping’ this time is for the couple to have some time out with your photographer, I do not require a helper as they also get in the way a lot of the time when I am moving back and forth.   flashes from other cameras in such close quarters effect my camera settings. Please put your trust in me. Naturally your guest will still get plenty of picks of the bride and groom without the need to shadow me 🙂

Restriction Rules:

Note that I am sometimes limited by rules imposed by registrars, ministers and venue management as
to what can and cannot be done. For example some ministers insist that no flash photography is allowed, and others will insist that the
Photographers shoot from a specific location. In such circumstances the bride and groom agree to accept the technical limitations that
may be imposed on the equipment used. I advise the bride and groom to make themselves aware of the rules of the venue
concerned and if necessary negotiate with the personnel concerned. Photography is all about the LIGHT. Some photographers will not take particular jobs if the lighting in the venue is poor. Like most photographers particularly in churches I try and refrain from using flash at all as it is usually not allowed.   If a venue is particularly dark and has NO daylight and NO or very very little artificial  lighting, to get images flash must be used, If flash is not allowed it may be exceptionally hard to get images  without noise (grain) on the images. I have the best equipment (x2 full frame cameras) and lenses to cope with low lighting and have photographed some pretty dark places and as of yet managed to work with the surrounding light. I highly recommend if you go with a budget photographer and you are getting married in a low lit venue you make sure they have the adequate equipment.


Like anyone else working 8hours plus I will take a break usually for around 45 minutes while your guests eat. This is included in the 8 hours coverage. Some venues provide food for me or some customers are kind enough to provide me with a meal or some venues provide the photographer with a meal however I do not specifically ask for this. This time is for me to go off on my own to check my images and eat and drink. A tired hungry and thirsty photographer is no good to anyone.


 English Copyright Law states that the copyright of photographs remains with the photographer.
However With the full day coverage  and in fact any coverage you will get all images in high resolution to print as you wish without my watermark on so you will have copyright in the sense that the images taken by me are for personal use by the bride and groom and their friends and relatives. I have no problem these being shared online. You must also understand that I will also share images online as this is my work and business. Please assume your images will be shared. If you have a problem with this please consult me before booking me. 
Selling, Publication or any Commercial use of the photographs is not allowed without prior permission. I don’t have a problem with this if recognition is given however if the images are going into a publication DO NOT edit them in anyway. I have had people before share my professional images on their own armature photography site I will not stand for this unless clear recognition is given. Apart from that I am relaxed about images. Share them and spread the word…remember to use your low resolution files for web sharing as they will appear better.


The Bride and Groom grant the Photographers and its legal representatives, heirs and assigns, the irrevocable
and unlimited consent to use the photographs of the bride and groom for editorial, competition, advertising and any other purpose and
in any manner, to alter the photographs without restriction; and to copyright the images.
The Bride and groom hereby release the Photographers and its legal representatives, heirs and assigns from all liability and claims in
connection with the images.


If I am seriously ill or become injured/ hospitalised and cannot supply the wedding services specified above I have backup reliable photographers who I trust and will  try to book a replacement wedding photographer wherever possible, remember it is my name  and livelihood at stake so it is in my best interest to provide you with the best  alternative service. If this is impossible due to extreme circumstances e.g. (hospitalisation even death)  you will be given a FULL refund.
I have extensive  working methods in place to prevent the loss or damage to your images, however, in the very unlikely event  that images may be lost, stolen or destroyed for reasons in or beyond my control. In these circumstances you will be given a FULL refund (I know this sounds scary but I would be more worried if you photographer didn’t cover this in their terms)


In the event of the bride and groom cancelling the wedding for whatever reason or the venue change the weddings date or the wedding is not going ahead for whatever reason the booking fee /Deposit is non
refundable. It will be considered as liquidated damages to I  the Photographer. If your wedding does have to be cancelled please let me know as soon as possible so I can make the date available again. I advice that you get wedding insurance as in the awful event your wedding should not take place. I along with most of your suppliers will NOT refund your deposit. By paying the deposit you are bound to this contract and conditions.


so many hours,days,weeks go into editing your images. I do basic airbrushing but it is not my style to make people look fake, you want to look like you on your wedding day. Please do not ask me to edit you slimmer, I get asked this a lot by brides and some are totally serious. It can be done but to slim you down in hundreds of images would take forever and I believe it to me morally wrong. Trust me when I say the best images come from the people who are the most comfortable in their skin whatever your size. Enjoy your day and I promise you’ll look great. I will try my very best to get wedding images back to you within 6 – 7 weeks. Although I may share some samples with you before this time please understand editing takes time and I work in order of job.  Nothing is gained by trying to rush your wedding photographer. Quality work takes a lot of time and please understand I don’t just have your images to work on. As a bride myself I understand you are excited to see you wedding images as I was exactly the same.


Please note your images will be high enough resolution to print on a large scale should you want to make wall art. I recommend Photobox or Albelli however if you have a trusted printer by all means use them.  Please do not attempt to print the images in the sharing folder as these are low resolution NOT suitable for print they are for web use only. Use the ‘high resolution files’ for print.  I make this clear as possible on your edited disc/memory stick of images but if you do need any advice on printing please do not hesitate to ask. I am not held responsible if you upload incorrect quality images or if you choose a printer that does not check the file quality before printing, this is basic standard practice for printers and they will know if the file is suitable for what size you are trying to print. If the printer advises that the file in unsuitable in anyway e.g. for the size you are printing please let me know. I have extensive experience in editing and files for print as I produced catalogues for years.  You are welcome to view the print quality of my work when you meet me.


I now have a selection of wedding albums available. These are handmade in England with a selection of high quality covers and printed on high grade matte quality paper. I use a company set up by a photographer and that is only available exclusively for photographers not the general public giving you an exclusive, high quality Hand Made Album. These can be purchased at a later date as an optional extra. Please ask for quotes on these.


Your images will be posted to you on a disc or on a memory stick. I strongly advise that you save these images in 3 different places. Computer, hard drive, on-line storage whatever. It is impossible for me to keep all the images I take forever and I usually store them for up to a year. It is your responsibility to make sure you save the images you buy from me.

Thank you for taking the time to read through these points. So many hours days and weeks go into editing your images after the initial day of capture but you have to have a good basis to start from by taking this into account lets create some stunning imagery together. Don’t panic and  If you have any questions at all please do not hesitate to contact me.