Musing on portraits


Hey, as some of you know I am currently off on Maternity leave. I am still taking enquiries for weddings that are to take place later in the year, next year and I even have some weddings in now for 2020. Dates are booking up very fast and naturally I won’t be doing as many this year. I recently did this shoot for a friend, I am struggling to be very mobile as I get towards the end of my pregnancy, did I mention we are also in the process of moving house, into a house that needs a lot of renovating no less (don’t like to do anything by halves).

Anyway despite me taking some time out I knew someone of Lexy’s age would not have me running around like perhaps a younger child would. Not many people know that professional photography is actually a very physical job. I have 2 full frame cameras and have at least 3 lenses ( basically heavy pieces of glass) on me at any one time in a back pack, combined this makes for heavy kit + a baby bump . To get interesting angles and natural shots it requires a lot of moving and being in low or high positions, I am often on my knees or even laying on the grounds or if i want to get higher I am perched on a wall or step. 

This was quite a grey day with no sun but I knew I wanted to come down by the river near my house to shoot, it does look kinder bleak still  to the naked eye where we did this however through a 50mm or 85mm lens which I used for these shots, it threw up some deep luscious tones to work with. When you edit an image you are always best to go with the tones that are already there, this is dark and moody for example so I have edited it as such. If we had some natural sunlight that day I may have edited with more warmth and with a haze. There are so many ways to edit an image. 

I often love portraits of children which are not smiling and grinning at the camera unless it is a genuine natural capture of this expression,  this is why I love outdoor shoots because the child, while exploring gives off so many different facial expressions. I am so grateful I don’t do child studio photography anymore (those days are well and truely behind me) I find the poses and the fake grinning at the camera so unnatural and cringe, when I walk past studio photographs in town i find myself grimacing at the facial expressions the children are pulling, I don’t mean to trash anyone else work by saying this, as i have done shoots like this years ago, I think that is why, I know how hard it is to get a picture in a studio environment or a young child where the parents are adamant they want them grinning at the camera (when you both know that is not their natural beautiful smile) I am so glad I have worked my hardest to get to doing work I actually want to produce now. This is not to say I don’t like some studio shoots, I adore fine art type shoots when the child/clothing/lighting and posing is spot on…..this is very hard to pull off but can be done wit the right elements combined. 

I will share some more from this shoot once I have edited them. I don’t suppose anyone has actually read all of the above but if you have, thank you. All the best Hollie.